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Man looking at camera while inside a helicopter

Sgt retired gavan jones


Gavan served with the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry for 11 years, spending the majority of his time in Sniper platoon. He deployed twice to Afghanistan, served one season with the Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team the Skyhawks, and was also a Military Freefall Parachute Instructor. He is currently a skydive school instructor, jump master, coach 2, and tandem instructor. Gavan credits moving to Vancouver Island and returning to skydiving in 2021 at the Campbell River Skydive Centre as a major step forward in his own personal struggle with physical and mental health issues. Because of this experience, Gavan is passionate about getting serving military, veterans, and first responders into skydiving, as he feels it is a great way to cope with the stresses brought on by these professions. He is stoked to be a part of the Operation Pegasus Foundation and looks forward to getting participants out of their comfort zone!

Woman smiling at camera inside a small plane

Ms. Tamara szewczyk


Tamara, aka “T”, is an advocate for military and first responders! Having many close friends and family who have served our country has allowed her to develop a greater understanding of what serving members and veterans face day to day. With her own journey through mental health and trauma, she holds promoting mental health awareness and helping others heal very close to her heart. Skydiving has proven to be extremely beneficial for her in coping with the struggles of mental health. It not only forces her to live in the moment but has strengthened her confidence, which continues to positively affect everyday life. She has been skydiving for 9 years and enjoys being a skydive school instructor, as it gives her the opportunity to introduce others to the benefits of the sport and community. Tamara is honoured to be a part of the Operation Pegasus Foundation and can’t wait to see what we will accomplish!

Man sitting in helicopter

Mwo retired tim (gunny) turner


Gunny served with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry as a static line/military freefall paratrooper and master sniper, as well as the Canadian Airborne Regiment, 2 Commando, Pathfinder platoon, and the Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team the Skyhawks. Gunny served in Afghanistan, the Middle East, Cyprus, Croatia, and Sierra Leone, West Africa. Following the Army, Gunny served with the Alberta Sheriffs branch in the executive protection unit to the premier of Alberta, serving 5 premiers at the rank of Inspector. Gunny is a skydive school instructor, coach 1, and jump master. Gunny does have PTSD, and skydiving helps him manage his stressors. He feels skydiving is a great way for first responders, veterans, and serving members to help manage these emotions as well.